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“Treason!” scream the headlines! “Proof of collusion!” shout the Democrats! “Impeach him!” come the bellows from deranged Trump haters. For an entire week without pause, the deranged leftist media have obsessed over a meeting that took place between Donald Trump, Jr. and a Russian lawyer, plus two or three other agents, in June, 2016. Neither hysteria nor hyperbole can begin to describe the uproar.

Here is what we know happened. A publicity agent, Rob Goldstone, with ties to the Russians, sent a message to Trump Jr. that he had a Russian lawyer, one Natalia Veselnitskaya, who wanted to meet with him and other agents of the Trump campaign. Said publicist promised that the lady had some juicy information about Hillary Clinton, whose corrupt, influence-peddling ties to the Russians are a matter of record. Please note that Mrs. Clinton has never been called to account for those sleazy activities.

There is nothing illegal about receiving information from a foreign source so long as nothing of a classified character is given and there is no secret promise of a favor in return. Foreign-born information had already been employed against Trump when sources abroad, with the Russians at the base, had supplied Trump’s opposition with the infamous (and famously phony) “Golden Shower Dossier.” Nobody shouted “treason!” when these same means were employed against the Donald.

Once Trump Jr. met with Miss Veselnitskaya, she protested that she had nothing embarrassing to divulge about Hillary, but rather, she wanted to discuss other issues, some having to do with Russian-American relations, namely one of the boycott measures against Russia undertaken by our government. Young Trump, realizing he had been deceived by Goldstone, then departed from the session. We do not know if he was angry or disappointed. Probably both. Donald Jr. had never bothered to mention the meeting because it was so fruitless and insignificant. Jared Kushner, Trump Jr.’s brother in law and a party to the event had his lawyers put it in the public record after it became clear that a big deal was being made of it in the press.

In the meantime, we have learned that Miss Veselnitskaya was in the U.S. on a special-permit visa, obtained from the Obama Administration, and that she has other ties to the Democrats. She has also appeared before a Congressional committee in the company of Obama’s ambassador to Russia. She is by no means an unknown figure, having been a lobbyist of sorts for her country for years. Suspicious? You bet!

The shabbiest part of the affair is its treatment in the press. Once again, a mountain is being made of a molehill in order to paralyze or topple the Trump Administration. Media hysteria has reached the shrillest heights as Democrats try one more time to make their pitiful and absurd case about Trump’s “collusion” with the Russians. Yawn.

125x125-WilliamJamesWilliam (Bill) James is a retired community college history professor who lives in Reidsville with his wife of fifty years, Violet. He is active in the Rockingham Republican Party, enjoys gardening, ballroom dancing, and is currently working on his first novel.

For questions or comments, feel free to contact him at wjames2711@bellsouth.net.

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