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Do you want to contribute to Rockingham Update? Here’s how:

Rockingham Update

Rockingham Update is produced by volunteers who provide an unbiased view of life and happenings in Rockingham County, North Carolina.


Maybe you follow a particular sport, or are involved in an association or club. You might be a business person, a student, or just a keen gardener.

Sometimes it is very hard to find suitable publicity for smaller associations and businesses. Rockingham Update would like to hear from you, and to publish your stories.

The ideal story

Your story should be between 400 and 600 words (this story contains approximately 420 words), written in English, and divided into paragraphs of 2 to 3 sentences.

Photographs will make your story more interesting for the readers. Photographs should be scaled to about 800 pixels on the long side. We can help you do this if necessary.

It is important that your story complies with the Copyright Act. It should be original and, if you use portions of existing published material, the source must be acknowledged.

We won’t accept stories that would be more suited to our advertising pages, however we would like to hear stories about what affects you, your business, your friends and neighbours, and other people living their lives in Rockingham County, N.C..


You will be given credit for any of your stories that we publish.

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse or edit any articles that are submitted to Rockingham Update .com We reserve the right to refuse to publish articles/stories that contain language that is offensive or inappropriate, or that are personal attacks, or that we suspect may violate copyrights, or that don’t conform with our policies. We reserve the right to edit articles/stories to eliminate profanity or personal attacks in otherwise valid articles/stories.

Unless you tell us otherwise, your name, a brief Bio. and your photograph (if you supply one – 125 x 125 pixels) will appear at the end of the story. Readers will be able to click on your name, and see a list of all the stories that you have had published on Rockingham Update.

The bad news

The story should be written for Rockingham Update, and is not to be published anywhere else on the internet.

We will not object if you wish to submit your story to other publishers for printed publication. If you wish to do this, you should:

1.wait at least 14 days after we publish your story before you submit elsewhere; and

2.acknowledge in the printed publication that your story was first published by us.

All articles and stories submitted to Rockingham Update will be done on a voluntary basis and no monetary compensation will be provided for your contibution.

What to do next

The first step is to contact us at Rockingham Update by email at roy@rceno.com. You must provide a valid email address. You can also fill out the Contact Us form here.

You will then be contacted by the Editor, usually within 24 hours, who will tell you how you can submit your stories to Rockingham Update for editing and publication.

Current Contributors Include

Melinda Payne – Focus on Money Saving Tips and Deals here in Rockingham County, NC  –http://www.rceno.com/RCENO/category/opinion/columnists/melinda-payne/


Forrest Bray – Takes time to report on the numerous politiacl meetings and civic organization meetings he attends in Rockingham County, NC –http://www.rceno.com/RCENO/category/opinion/columnists/forrest-bray/


Wendy Irving Pollok – Shares life experiences and thoughts, tips for Health, Fitness and Diet –http://www.rceno.com/RCENO/category/opinion/columnists/wendy-irving-pollok/


Debi Joyce – Provides insight to various Business Topics and Trends, not just for Rockingham County but for the Region as a whole –http://www.rceno.com/RCENO/category/opinion/columnists/debi-joyce/


Katie Barber – Provides a look into Life, Humor and Entertainment News –http://www.rceno.com/RCENO/category/opinion/columnists/katie-barber/

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