Whack ‘em with the Washington Monument!

William James

Here we go again. Every time there is the slightest attempt to bring the Federal budget into some kind of sane order, out come the screamers, all set to tell us that the world will come to an end if we do not spend ourselves into oblivion, fulfilling every pet cause and fantasy that the Big Spenders desire. Has anyone noticed that we have a $20 trillion debt to deal with? That interest rates are rising and the payments on the interest alone will soon reach crushing proportions?

There are three things about fat budgets that must be emphasized. (1) They employ a ton of well-paid bureaucrats who could care less whether they are serving the public, (2) a whole lot of that spending goes into the hands of Democrat Party Front Groups, giving them the means to push their “Transformation of America” program and to thwart the public will at every turn, and (3) there is no lie or shrill exaggeration that is too absurd for the screamers to use in their desperation. Try these:

Grandma will be made to eat dog food (1981). No, she won’t get Medicare (1995). No, Grandma will be pushed over a cliff in her wheelchair (2011). No, she will no longer get her meals on wheels (2017). The themes never change. It is all part of the same incessant, dishonest strategy. When budget cuts are to be resisted,  liberal bureaucrats always pick out the most essential, publicly visible things some agency does – but never mention the waste, fraud, duplication and corruption that may be the biggest part of its’ activities – and then threaten the total termination of that service. The phrase, “Closing the Washington Monument,” invented in the 1980’s to fight some trimming of the Park Service’s funding, describes the tactic perfectly. The idea is to punish the public for daring to keep the bureaucracy’s hands off our money.

To sum it up, it is “The public be damned, their money is ours to spend as we please!” which dominates bureaucrat thinking. Add to the mix that the left is apoplectic over the thought that their Front Groups, who devote most of their time to electing Democrats and just a wee bit of it to serving the taxpayers, might not get their annual slush funds, and you have fireworks better than any 4th of July celebration.

Half the time, the funding is not really getting cut. What is actually happening is that the growth rate of the agency’s budget is what is being reduced. The spending still increases, but not so much as the bureaucrats wanted it to.

The Trump budget proposals are bold, necessary and urgent, critical to cleaning the D.C. swamp. The stuck-pig squealing we are hearing from the Democrats, the bureaucrats (is there a difference?) and their allies in the media (again, is there any difference?) deserve none of our sympathy. Support the President, members of Congress! Do not hide behind the Washington Monument again! Whack them with it!

125x125-WilliamJamesWilliam (Bill) James is a retired community college history professor who lives in Reidsville with his wife of fifty years, Violet. He is active in the Rockingham Republican Party, enjoys gardening, ballroom dancing, and is currently working on his first novel.

For questions or comments, feel free to contact him at wjames2711@bellsouth.net.

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