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111813-ScholarAthleteAwards(Rockingham County, NC) – The three awards in the Scholar/Athlete Program for the 2012-13 school year were recently presented to Rockingham County High School during the pre-game activities at the Rockingham County High School/Northern Guilford High School football game. For the first time since the program started in 1993, one high school won all three awards. Rockingham County High School student body officers, administration, and athletic department accepted the awards on behalf of the student body.

The Home Savings Bank Cup is presented to the high school with the highest Grade Point Average among the four high schools in the county. This is the first time Rockingham County High School has been awarded the Cup. Rockingham County High School had a Grade Point Average among the athletes of 3.05, McMichael High School finished second with an average of 3.039, third went to Reidsville High School with a 2.982, and Morehead High School had a 2.98.

Rockingham County School’s Scholar/Athlete Awards Program also recognizes athletes who excel in the classroom. The Athlete Award is in recognition of the highest achievement of a student-athlete on each varsity team in the four high schools. The winners are listed below for 2012-13:


McMichael …… John Hall
Morehead Matthew Moore
Reidsville Christopher Cotter
Rockingham Austin James



McMichael …… Aria Galloway
Morehead Sierra Jones
Reidsville Taelor Mandeville
Rockingham Logan Howerton


McMichael ……. Isaac Hawkins
Morehead Travis Jones
Reidsville Michael Galloway
Rockingham Cameron Hardy


McMichael …… Lexie Blackward
Morehead Laura Winn
Reidsville Bianca Best
Rockingham Kristin Widerman


McMichael …… Kayla Bray
Morehead Maria Chase
Rockingham Logan Smith


McMichael …… Nathaniel Williams
Morehead Brandon Mays
Reidsville Dylan Gamble
Rockingham William Strader


McMichael …… Ty Hundley
Morehead Will Dabbs
Reidsville Michael Galloway
Rockingham Bradley Davis


McMichael …… Brianna Joyce
Morehead Caroline Jones
Rockingham Caroline Cummings


McMichael …… Niklaus Baughn
Morehead Pierce Lawrence
Reidsville Ryan Kelley
Rockingham Austin Miller


McMichael …… Kayla Bray
Morehead Laura Winn
Reidsville Kianna Anderson
Rockingham Logan Smith


McMichael …… Ethan Reynolds
Morehead Juvention Reyes
Reidsville Dilan Chudasma
Rockingham Robert Foster


McMichael …… Casey Blackard
Morehead Samantha Hall
Reidsville Taelor Mandeville
Rockingham Ashely Quisenberry


McMichael …… McKenzie Vernon
Morehead Megan Abernathy
Reidsville Ashton Daniel
Rockingham Timber Beeninga


McMichael …… Matthew Lacayo
Morehead Pierce Lawrence
Reidsville Jasper Thomas
Rockingham Justin Jarrell


McMichael …… Alisa Chu
Morehead Hannah Amick
Reidsville Ashton Daniels
Rockingham Sarah Holmes



McMichael …… Imran Ahmed
Morehead Tillamn Yeatts
Reidsville Blake Covington
Rockingham Hayden Griffin


McMichael …… Carrie Wilson
Morehead Laprincess Lane
Reidsville Daeshanwna King
Rockingham Megan Steere



McMichael …… Alex Chu
Morehead Garrett Mostella
Reidsville Dylan Gamble
Rockingham Bradley Davis


McMichael …… Aria Galloway
Morehead Jordan Jackson
Reidsville Megan Blackwell
Rockingham Abigal Benfield



McMichael …… Austin Blankenship
Morehead Payton Mills
Reidsville Levi Bailey
Rockingham Christopher Cline


In addition to these awards, the Scholar/Athlete Awards Program also awarded certificates to all athletes having a 3.5 Grade Point Average or higher and has awarded certificates to athletes who make the honor roll during a sports season.

The Awards Program also presents the Team Academic Award that recognizes the team in each varsity sport with the highest Grade Point Average. The team winners for 2012-13 are listed below:


BASEBALL – Rockingham County High School

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL – McMichael High School

MEN’S BASKETBALL – Rockingham County High School

CHEERLEADING – McMichael High School

WOMEN’S CROSS COUNTRY – Rockingham County High School

MEN’S CROSS COUNTRY – Morehead High School

FOOTBALL – McMichael High School

WOMEN’S GOLF – Morehead High School

MEN’S GOLF – Reidsville High School

WOMEN’S SOCCER – Rockingham County High School

MEN’S SOCCER – Rockingham County High School

SOFTBALL – McMichael High School

WOMEN’S SWIMMING – Reidsville High School

MEN’S SWIMMING – Reidsville High School

WOMEN’S TENNIS – Rockingham County High School

MEN’S TENNIS – Reidsville High School

WOMEN’S TRACK – McMichael High School

MEN’S TRACK – McMichael High School

VOLLEYBALL – McMichael High School

WRESTLING – Morehead High School


Rockingham County High School was also awarded the North Star Keystone Cup for overall excellence in the athletic program. The award is sponsored by Keystone Foods of Reidsville and Rockingham County Schools. The winner is determined by giving points for fielding a team and points for the order of finish in the county. Rockingham County High School finished first with 147.5 points, McMichael came in second with 145 points, Morehead finished third with 136.5 points, and Reidsville finished fourth with 128 points. As the winner Rockingham County High School received a Cup for a year and a permanent plaque.

The NewBridge Bank Sportsmanship Cup was presented to Rockingham County High School for the 2012-13 school year. This Cup is presented by NewBridge Bank and Rockingham County Schools each year to the school which displays the best sportsmanship by the players, coaches and fans during the sport season. The school received the Cup for one year, a permanent plaque and a check for five hundred dollars



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