District Attorney Phil Berger, Jr. Endorses Melanie Bridge for Rockingham County District Attorney

(Wentworth, NC – March 11, 2014) – Rockingham County District Attorney Phil Berger, Jr., announced this morning that he is endorsing Assistant District Attorney Melanie Bridge for District Attorney.

“Melanie is a tough but fair career prosecutor,” Phil Berger, Jr. said upon announcing his endorsement. “She has a proven history of looking after the interests of law enforcement and victims. She will make an excellent District Attorney and will continue the positive changes we’ve made at the courthouse which have benefitted all the people of Rockingham County.”

Bridge has served Rockingham County as an Assistant District Attorney since 2005. She quickly made her mark as an Assistant District Attorney rising from District Court prosecutor to major crimes Superior Court Prosecutor and was assigned her first murder case only six months after being hired. Bridge has prosecuted thousands of cases over the last eight-plus years including murders, attempted murders, armed robberies, arsons, DWI murders and numerous narcotics cases. She has worked under the direction of District Attorney Phil Berger Jr. since he was elected to office in 2007.

“I am honored to have received Phil’s endorsement,” Bridge said. He is an excellent District Attorney and it has been a pleasure to work for him for the last seven years. As our next District Attorney, I will follow the example he has set and our number one priority will be keeping Rockingham County families safe. I will use my extensive experience as a career prosecutor here in Rockingham County to inspire our prosecutors and local, state and federal law enforcement to work together as a team to get criminals off the street and put them behind bars.”

Bridge has been recognized by Mothers Against Drunk Driving as their Western North Carolina Prosecutor Hero for her tireless work on behalf of the victims of drunk driving She is a key leader in Project Safe, a Rockingham County partnership between local and federal law enforcement focused on reducing gangs and violent crimes throughout the county, and the Rockingham County Arson Task Force. Bridge is the only candidate in the race who is a career prosecutor.

031114-BergerEndorsesBridge1Press Release  For Immediate Release •  March 11, 2014  •  Melanie Bridge



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5 Comments for “District Attorney Phil Berger, Jr. Endorses Melanie Bridge for Rockingham County District Attorney”

  1. It is funny how politics work, u GO after our sheriff,knowing that you too r doing the same thing. I am desperately praying that change will b made. You, are obviously weak. It’s so obvious, thatsy u sweep it all under the rug. My family needs someone that isn’t scared to prosecute molesters. Craig Blitzer DA

  2. Oh no everybody, Phil Berger is breaking the law. If Sam Page did by shaking hands with Blitzer,you are likewise, guilty as charged…..citizens arrest

  3. The Informer

    What is the platform that she is running on? I am like so many other people in Rockingham, tired of the repeat offenders given a slap on the hands. I think it is time that we get someone that will hold these type people accountable. I don’t think she would be a good choice for us. Look around and these people will do a plea agree so they can be back on the streets doing the same things. I want to hear and see results, not talk around every question.

  4. Adam Tate

    Bridge is the only candidate that has NOT tried or prosecuted a Capital case. But she is the only candidate that let a Church arsonist walk with community service and did not call a single witness for the prosecution. NOT the Fire Marshal NOT he Sheriff’s Department and NOT a Fire responder. I don’t know what they teach a Brigham-Young University but it is NOT ethics.

  5. […] 6th Congressional District seat held by the retiring Rep. Howard Coble, and he’s chosen his preferred successor as DA — Assistant District Attorney Melanie Bridge, who’s worked in the office since 2005 […]

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