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Bits and Pieces for Mid December

According to CBS News, 92% of Democrats believe the collusion story about Trump, the Russians, and the 2016 election

Extortion in the Swamp

Protection rackets are one way by which criminal gangs terrorize poor neighborhoods.


The Cone Health Foundation, which supports the Cone hospitals, announced recently that it has awarded nearly five million dollars to various area community groups, a number of which have very pronounced political identities

Bits and Pieces for Late November

Here is an OMG moment:

Judging the Judge

So, do we have a Republican-style Anthony Weiner, or do we not?

Bits and Pieces for Early November

Why can’t the NFL tell the knee-bending players that they risk fine or firing if they cannot put away the politics when they are in uniform or on the ball field?

Somber Soviet Centennial

November 7 will mark the centennial of a very grim moment in history: the Bolshevik seizure of the government of Russia in 1917.

Mr. Cooper’s Ugly Betrayal

What is the point of making deals with Democrats? In 1986, we were promised that in return for an amnesty of the 2 million-plus illegal aliens in the country then, we would

Screeching, Screaming and Mixed Metaphors

Other causes for the Democrats’ yelping are the two delightful revisions to

Obama’s Red Army

Recent news stories tell us that an officer in the U.S. Army, a graduate of the Military Academy at West Point, is an avowed communist. Lieutenant Spenser Rapone


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