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Blame! Blame! Blame!

The barrel of Nikolaus Cruz’s rifle had not begun to cool and his victims had not yet breathed their last before the ghouls of the left were out and shouting. Blame! Blame! Blame!

Happy Birthday, Thomas Edison!

February marks the birthdays of Lincoln and Washington. It is also the month of another great American’s birthday: Thomas Edison, the “Wizard of Menlo Park.”

The Democrats Serve up a Slobby Joe

While the wires presently burn with the Nunes Memo story, we must say more about the pathetic response made to the State of the Union address by the Democrats.

Bits and Pieces for Late January

A 2005 photograph has surfaced which features then-Senator Obama getting chummy with Louis Farrakhan, the toxic and loopy leader of the “Black Muslims” who makes even Al Sharpton seem moderate

Of White House Expletives

Before the current Shutdown Circus, the Mediacrats had stirred up another tiresome anti-Trump uproar without the slightest recognition that most of us could care less

African Slavery

Eric Holder, Obama’s radical Attorney General, once called for Americans to have a frank conversation about race.

Really . . .Again?

The current and noisy uproar about the publication of a smear-filled and dubious

The Russian Problem

The news that the U.S. will send sophisticated weapons to the Ukraine in order to counter the Russian-supported separatist

Bravo, Mr. President!

As we have noted before, the positive value of something done by Mr. Trump or by the GOP Congress can be measured by the loudness of the absurdities from leftist leaders and the Democrat media.

A Swamp Hangs a Judge

Republicans and Democrats alike had to blink their eyes at the outcome of the special election in Alabama last Tuesday


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