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Screeching, Screaming and Mixed Metaphors

Other causes for the Democrats’ yelping are the two delightful revisions to

Obama’s Red Army

Recent news stories tell us that an officer in the U.S. Army, a graduate of the Military Academy at West Point, is an avowed communist. Lieutenant Spenser Rapone

Washington, Lee and the University

News has it that President William Dudley of Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia has created a “commission” to study the school’s heritage…

Keeping DACA Means Declining America Crashes Again

The battle over what to do with the illegal residents identified in “DACA” continues, though it is momentarily overshadowed by other issues.

A Constitution Day Quiz for You!

Sunday, September 17 marks “Constitution Day.” What do you know about the Constitution and its’ history? Here’s a quick, fun quiz to test your knowledge and tickle your brain

The Importance of Price “Gouging”

With the hurricane emergencies, we are hearing much about the need for government authorities to prevent “price gouging.” Now, if I am a box store executive and I hear that cases of bottled water are selling for thrice the amount in Florida

Blindness, Communism and Antifa

A  revealing video on the web shows a reporter interviewing some “Antifa” (“Antifascist”) militants in San Francisco, – Berkeley, to be exact.

Some More Bits and Pieces

In Hillary’s self-serving (does she ever behave in any other way?) memoir of the 2016 campaign, she notes that during one of the debates with Trump

A Campaign Against “Hate?” Cow Patties!

So – if you pillage stores, burn down neighborhoods, torch GOP offices, play “knockout” on the heads of Asians and whites, vandalize statues and monuments, invade and disrupt legitimate assemblies and rallies, riot to prevent speeches by

Jackboots in the Night

It was an ugly hallmark of the Nazi and Soviet regimes. In the middle of the night, thunderous knocks would be heard on the door of one’s home, accompanied by loud shouts


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