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A Look at the Local Primaries

At this moment, voters are heading for the polls to choose the nominees who will run for the School Board offices, the Board of Commissioners, Sheriff, etc., in November.

Jumpin’ Jen in Pink Again!

A short time back we warned that the disorder known as Farcical Address Dysphoria had reached Rockingham County, the Democrat candidate for state Senate being a carrier.

The Price of Early Voting is Too High

Anyone in North Carolina who has worked the polls will tell you the same thing – the voting process has been transformed from something that was busy and exhausting to something that is busy, exhausting and endless

The future of Rockingham County is on the ballot

The future of Rockingham County is on the ballot

F.A.D. Menaces Rockingham!

Health authorities may soon be issuing an FAD Warning to the community!

The Latest in Bits and Pieces

Can the left get more insane than this?

Kaiserschlacht 1918

Once again we must pause to commemorate an important centennial. March 21 will mark the 100th anniversary of one of World War I’s most critical moments

Mr. Trump’s Tariffs

Last week, the President signed an executive order, perfectly legal, to impose substantial tariffs on imported steel and aluminum.

LTE: My name is Ryan Watts

The Democratic primary for North Carolina’s 6th Congressional District* in the U.S. House of Representatives takes place on May 8th. Early voting begins on April 19th. At that time, I will ask you to select me as the Democratic candidate to fiercely challenge our district’s incumbent this Fall.

Obama’s Fatal Promise and the Florida Massacre

We have already noted the macabre swiftness of the leftists’ response to the shooting tragedy at Marjorie Stone Douglas High School.


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