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Chuck’s Challenge

Democrat Charles “Chuck” Schumer, his party’s leader in the U.S. Senate, recently proposed a bill to expand civil rights and ban employment barriers and all other discriminations against people who are gay, transgender, etc. Schumer says America is all for the civil rights of the LGBT crowd. Any bets his “Equality Act” will lead to quotas?


“Treason!” scream the headlines! “Proof of collusion!” shout the Democrats! “Impeach him!”

Gettin’ There – A Short Story Comedy

See, Joe Bob, he weren’t the smartest feller to begin with. But this here happened to be sumthin’ that sorta sticks in yer head, so to speak.

Our Destruction Comes from Within

Last week, while in Warsaw, Poland, President Trump gave a remarkable speech. As he memorialized the heroic Polish resistance fighters of World War II, he added more.

Centennials Again

In this space we have from time to time noted some centennials about the Great War, or World War I. 1917 was a critical year in that War.

Save the Statues

The Mayor of Richmond, Virginia, has established a “commission” to “study” and “make recommendations” regarding the beautiful statues that adorn Monument Avenue in the city.

Resistance Riot and Rage: The Party of Subversion

During the Cold War era, numerous Democrats made cozy with the Soviets. As long as the latter were communist, there was hardly a Russian they did not like. Democrats, who launched the Vietnam War, then turned against it and chanted, “Ho! Ho! Ho Chi Minh!” (the Soviet-supported communist dictator of North Vietnam) on American streets while our soldiers slogged through Asian rice paddies.

From Forrest’s Perspective: Library Board Meeting – June 12, 2017

There were about twenty-five people present besides the board members.  The meeting was mostly to discuss a new administration building or find space in one of the county’s present buildings.

It is a Cesspool, Not a Swamp

One would have to be an inhabitant of another galaxy to be unaware of the dramatic and sensationalized “Comey testimony” on live television last week.

Hail to the Chief!

With shrieks as loud as a freight train’s brakes, the left is bellowing outrage at President Trump’s decision to quit the Paris


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