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Bureaucracy II: Subversion

The Rockingham School Administration has contracted with a radical leftist outfit known as “Open Source Leadership” to train teachers and other personnel in the doctrines of “diversity” under the code name of “equity of outcomes.”

School Bureaucracy I: Numbing Minds

One of the greatest weaknesses in the U.S. public education system is the enormous cost of bureaucratic overhead. If we compare to decades past the percentages of funds spent on administrative and non-instructional services to those

It’s Not Our Fight

Yes, Assad is vicious. Yes, his planes appear to have launched a horrid chemical attack (with weapons Obama said were gone!) that killed innocent civilians. War is pitiless, brutal, and ugly.


As March passes and April commences, we pause from present travails to mark two dates of a century ago that shaped the modern world. Those key events are the abdication of Czar Nicholas II of Russia on March 15, 1917, and the U.S. Declaration of War against the German Empire on April 6, 1917. More about the latter later.

Arrogance: Meet Retaliation

The NCAA’s Cooper-approved ultimatum to the State of North Carolina that we abolish our HB2 law or the organization will cease scheduling tournaments or other major events here takes one’s breath away. Does the NCAA really think it is that important?

Bring on the Spring for Rockingham County !!

Bring on the Spring for Rockingham County!! Ahh!! Alas it is the very first spring day in the county. But does that mean we will be experiencing MORE SUNSHINE and GROWTH and BEAUTIFUL weather? Well, if you have had as much experience as I have… and I know most of you have.. the weather can […]

Whack ‘em with the Washington Monument!

Here we go again. Every time there is the slightest attempt to bring the Federal budget into some kind of sane order, out come the screamers

Make Ryancare Right

Ryancare must include tort reform, so that all those ambulance-chasing lawyers can be stopped from driving malpractice insurance and medical costs through the roof. Have you seen their incessant ads on TV? The one with the mean-browed shark lady is chilling.

A Statement From The Office Of Kevin Berger

(Rockingham County, NC) – Just a few years ago, the Rockingham County District Attorney’s office ranked among the best and most effective in the state. It was tough on crime, delivered justice for the people of Rockingham County, and led the state in several key categories.

Investigate the Obamacrats

William (Bill) James is a retired community college history professor who lives in Reidsville with his wife of fifty years, Violet. He is active in the Rockingham Republican Party, enjoys gardening, ballroom dancing, and is currently working on his first novel.


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