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Grandparent Scammers are Active, and Teaming Up on Potential Victims: An Attorney General Josh Stein Alert

It’s an old scam with a new twist – con artists know that most grandparents would do anything to help their grandkids.

Beware flood cars following Harvey, Irma: An Attorney General Josh Stein Alert

Under North Carolina law flood damage must be disclosed in writing, but title paperwork is sometimes unlawfully altered to remove any mention of flood damage

Worried You May be One of the Millions of Consumers Affected by the Equifax Data Breach? : An Attorney General Josh Stein Alert

As you may have read by now, data giant Equifax has suffered a massive security breach. Hackers accessed private information (including Social Security numbers, dates of birth, etc.) about 143 million Americans. The company collects data and financial information and it may hold information about you even if you’ve never dealt directly with them. Check here to see if your data has been compromised in this breach. (Click “Potential Impact”)

Make Sure Your Donation Counts : An Attorney General Josh Stein Alert

The images of the devastation and suffering in Texas are heartbreaking, and many of us want to help. But before you make a donation, make sure it will actually get to the people who need it. In the wake of a disaster like Hurricane Harvey, scammers come out of the woodwork. Here are some tips to ensure that your dollars count:

Eclipse Tips: An Attorney General Josh Stein Alert

Eclipse Day is getting closer. This unique natural phenomena will darken the whole Tar Heel state, and a total eclipse will be visible in some parts of the state.

Scammers Don’t Care About Your Eyes

(Raleigh, NC) – Crooks and unscrupulous businesses will latch onto any event to make a quick buck. In the case of the upcoming solar eclipse they’re selling faulty eyewear to unsuspecting consumers, who might suffer permanent eye damage as a result.

Working with a Realtor? Watch out for this Scam

(Raleigh, NC) – Crooks are targeting real estate agents and companies with a scam aimed at potential home buyers. North Carolina consumers have reported losing tens of thousands of dollars in this type of fraud.

Be Smart… And Cautious… With “Smart” Toys

Toys that talk to you, know your name and play like real friends? Toys today are a far cry from the cabbage patch kids and G.I. Joe’s their parents played with. Many toys these days can connect to the internet. One reason these new toys are so fascinating is their connectivity; but with this exciting level of engagement also comes the risks associated with kids being online. Parents must be aware of these risks and monitor how their children are playing.

Scammers Dangle Tobacco Settlement Funds

Almost 20 years ago, the major tobacco companies agreed to a “Master Settlement” with state and local governments. The agreement, which has pumped billions of dollars into anti-smoking campaigns and other efforts to improve health, has also helped recover the cost of treating tobacco-related diseases. Now, crooks are trying to lure potential victims by claiming that they can receive some of that settlement money.

The Rules Have Changed – Learn How To Tell A Fake IRS Agent From A Real One

Starting this month, Congress is requiring the IRS to hire private debt collectors. Four legitimate debt collection companies will be contacting taxpayers by phone.


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