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Errors Found In Plea Deals Of 3 Convicted In Rockingham County Homicide

(Wentworth, NC) – The Rockingham County District Attorney’s Office sent an Omnibus Notice to Thomas Maher, Indigent Defense Services today. Citing to NC State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct 3.8(g).

Rowan County Chief District Court Judge Speaks at National Summit on Public Safety

RALEIGH — Charlie Brown, Rowan County chief district court judge, spoke about criminal justice reform at the 50-State Summit on Public Safety, a first-of-its-kind event this week in Washington, D.C., that brought together voices from across the country to examine crime, corrections and behavioral health trends state by state.

The Man Who Drove Through a House; Convicted; Sentenced To Prison

(Rockingham County, NC) – On August 7, 2017, Donald Gorham Jr., of Reidsville, North Carolina, was indicted for the offense of

Mother Sentenced In Murder Of Child

(Wentworth, NC) – Heather Marie Gwynn plead guilty to Felony Voluntary Manslaughter and two counts of Contributing to the Delinquent, Abused or Neglected condition of a minor

Gwynn Pleads Guilty To Murder Of His 17-month-old Child

(Wentworth, NC) – Antonio Maurice Gwynn plead guilty to Second Degree Murder, as originally charged in 2013

North Carolina Guardian ad Litem Launches Annual Peanut Butter and Jelly Campaign

The goal this year is to collect 10,000 plastic jars of peanut butter and jelly across the state and deliver them to local food banks and pantries

N.C. Court System Launches Online Request for Reduction of Speeding Offenses Statewide

RALEIGH — Citizens may now request online reductions of speeding offenses in every county with the statewide launch of the N.C. courts’ newest online service.

Snow Arrested For Violation Of Pretrial Release Terms

(Wentworth, NC) – Mickey Dale Snow, 77, of Bearslide Court Eden, NC, has been arrested pursuant to an Order for Arrest for violation of the conditions of his Pretrial Release

Davis Sentenced To 128-166 Months In Prison As Habitual Felon

(Wentworth, NC) – On August 9, 2017, Valerie Maria Davis was sentenced to 128-166 months in prison in Rockingham County Superior Court by the Honorable Judge Edwin Wilson, Resident Superior Court Judge for Rockingham County (District 17-A) for

N.C. Court System Upgrades Online Services Portal for Citizens

RALEIGH — North Carolina courts’ online services portal has been upgraded to improve the user experience and accessibility on mobile devices. Online services provide citizens 24/7 convenience to efficiently resolve court matters anytime from any location with internet access without going to the courthouse.


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